"Autumn Bounty", encaustic painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Autumn Bounty", 6 x 6" encaustic painting on panel

This was my first try at layering multiple colour layers, and then heating them all up to see what happens. Well it was SO cool -the bottom layer was white, then yellow, then rust then blue. The colours all came up to the surface in interesting patterns, which reminded me of fall leaves. So I took it in that direction and added a few stems, refined some shapes and then went back in with 2 lighter tints of the blue to form the sky holes. I think it is very interesting to look at, and I love the idea of 'how little can I say, and still say the subject', leaving the interpretation to the viewer. All you really have to do is give one bit of suggestion (the leaf shapes in centre right) and the viewer turns all the other bits of colour into leaves. Very cool!


To purchase this painting, commission your own painting or contact me to do a workshop in your area, please email me at williamsdotsharonatshawdotca (insert characters for the dot and at!)

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  1. "How little I can say and still say the subject". I like that -- and your piece! -- very much. :-)