Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Altered Book -2 more spreads

This is one of the spreads that I did in my book. I photocopied a stencil sitting on top of a piece of newspaper and collaged that onto the left hand page. Then I tinted it with Quin gold and Perm Violet Dark acrylics, painting inside some of the letter forms. I cut a strip of that and collaged it to the right photo page. I stenciled the words with opaque paint and outlined them with markers. The center element is medallion that I made on mat board with several layers of thick embossing powders, painted between layers with red and green ink. When the last layer was still warm, I pressed a rubber stamp in the shape of a frog into it, revealing the colours underneath. Then I rubbed some gold Rub-and-Buff over the top to highlight the frog.

In this spread (also one of mine) for the background, I applied crackle medium to the left hand page, which had been painted a dark brown, and then tinted the medium with a transparent blue glaze. I then collaged the photos and puzzle shaped ladies on top, along with the text. I cut out the ARTS word and painted each one before collaging them. The right hand side held a microscopic photo of cells, which began the idea of the spread relating arts and life. For the image of the baby, I cut it out of a magazine and then made a triple mat for it before collaging it on. The quote is from Henry Moore, and I thought it was most appropriate.


For any information on this or on any of my work, please feel free to email me.

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Cynthia said...

Really like the page with the purple script....I am always drawn to script. I like the way you applied some color inside and outside the letters.