Monday, January 25, 2010

More altered book

This really IS a spread by Cheryl! She took off on the image of the bird on the left page, then painted the right hand text page, leaving a section of text about birds, and highlighted blue-paint-blue-Bird from that. Then she cut a window out of that page and inserted a coregated cardboard tag to which she attached some wool. When you pull on the tag, it reveals...
the birds nest! Now how cool is that!

This is my favorite spread done by Lindsay. She took off on the photo of the kangaroo on the right page and made her own page using collage papers cut into neat shapes. Then she painted the boy and dog on separate cardstock, and attached them to the piece of card that says her word JUMP. When you pull up on that tab, the boy and dog rise up on the page! Then to top it off, she has a bit of text above the kangaroo saying "Ummm..not bad for beginners". What a hoot. This really has been the most remarkable project.

I have been asked why I am not posting any paintings lately. The answer is simple, I haven't been doing any! I have been learning photoshop (HUGE!) and how to digitally manipulate images (even huger -is that even a word?) , which I hope will help in my collage and more abstract work. One of my students took some step-by-step photos of a demo I did for my mixed media class, which I shall post soon. Life seems to be extremely busy for me right now, but hopefully things will settle down soon. I still have to read half the library books I posted earlier -sigh -so much to do, so little time.


For more information on this project, feel free to email me!

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