Monday, March 8, 2010

Mixed Media painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

This is an in-progress painting that I was working on for my mixed media class. It began with some collage elements, many of which are no longer visible, but you can still see some text papers and a nude figure which was from an old nudie postcard I bought at a flee market in Italy. Then acrylics are put on top, more collage, more paint, etc. I am not sure what else I will do to this, but I don't think it is 'there' yet. Any suggestions?



Charlene Brown said...

This beautiful collaged mixed media painting really caught my eye -- on the Blog List at The Watercolorist -- so. needless to say, I think it's 'there' and have no suggestions. Love the colours and the composition!

Sharon said...

Thank you Charlene! I went to your blog to see your work, and found that a lot of the images weren't available -what's with that? Keep up the great work!