Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Fuschias", oil painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Fuchsias", oil painting, 19 x 19"

I painting this painting to cheer me up in all this cold rainy weather we have been having. I kind of made up the background leaves and flowers, but it does the trick -it hangs right beside my computer and it brightens up my day.

I would like to show you larger images of two of my advanced students work, that I think are really exceptional. The above painting of irises is by Rex Beanland. You can see all the work he did in preparation for this painting on his blog. Please read through it, it is a great learning experience. If you click on each of the photos, you can see them larger.

An this is done by Leila Chan. I had Leila as a beginner student several years ago, and due to her great work ethic and commitment to putting on the brush miles, she has really progressed and is really beginning to loosen up and trust the process. This painting is a milestone for her, as she had to make up all the wonderful colours in these white glads. Well done you two!


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