Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Foothills Longing", plein air oil painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Foothills Longing", plein air oil painting, 9x12"
$595.00 framed, FREE S&H

This painting was done at the end of a long painting day, when the shadows were lengthening and the light was gorgeous. I have painted this same scene but from the other end of the road in "At The Crossroads" posted last summer. This summer seems to be a green challenge -so many different subtle shades and variations on the green keep it interesting, and difficult.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon -- I've really been struggling with finding a setup for watercolour plein air. I have been using a Thermarest seat and a board across my knees, but you don't always want to sit -- and my current kit takes a long time to set up, which means I can lose the opportunity to get outdoors quickly to paint gorgeous light such as I was watching last night after the rain -- we had beautiful changing colours and dramatic sky!

I recall from a paint-out in Lloyd Park that you have an easel that lays flat & works for watercolour -- can you tell me more about that easel? Or other ideas?

I'm happy to see that you're getting out to paint around the foothills. If you're in Turner Valley give me a call. I'm really busy right now so can't get out for a day of painting (poor me!) but would love to give you lunch or a cup of tea or whatever if you're passing through


Sharon said...

Hi Holly: I will email you directly!

Caroline said...

Beautiful painting Sharon. I love the way the light hits the trees so perfectly, the deep greens and the way the road gently curves into the distance.

Sharon said...

Thanks so much Caroline! Sometimes the paintings fall off the brush and sometimes they are a real fight -but the more often you go out, the less times you fight it seems.