Friday, July 2, 2010

"Where The Ninth Hole Should Be". plein air oil painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Where The Ninth Hole Should Be". plein air oil painting, 8 x 10"
$495.00 framed, FREE S&H

When my hubby saw this painting, he said "that is where the ninth hole should be". Right on, so that became the title. The sky is done with my newly discovered palette knife. I am having fun with it, but haven't really reconciled if using it in one area makes a cohesive painting if the rest of the painting has thinner paint. In this case, the clouds are the focus, so I think that here it is a no brainer. But what if the thick clouds aren't the focus??? Will have to work this one through -any opinions out there?


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Cynthia said...

Wow,,,every golfer´s dream.....