Saturday, January 1, 2011

"Yesterday's Memory", and CLEARANCE SALE by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Yesterday's Memory", acrylic and oil, 24 x 24"

This is my submission for the International Women Celebrate! show to be held in Ayr, Ontario this spring. You can see some of the submissions if you follow the link. There will also be a book created about the exhibition with the 100 submitted paintings in it. The text for the painting reads: "I have a dried, red rose hanging pinned to my studio wall, left from a rare bouquet gifted to me by my precious husband. This scene struck me as such a powerful metaphor for my heart. Like its memory, the rose’s beauty remains past the celebration, but in a new form. It warms my heart as I remember, yet it is a fragile thing, and this reminds me to guard my heart."

As part of my New Years resolutions to unclutter my life, I have decided to clear some excess painting inventory from my basement. These works have been in galleries and shows, and many have won awards -they just haven't found their owners yet. So, for a limited period of time, I am putting these works out to the public at 60% off the retail price. Most of the works are framed, and shipping will be at cost to the purchaser. I will add one to each blog post for the month. If you are interested, please email me. Here is the first one:

"Adam", acrylic and collage, 34 x 19" framed size -retail price $1040.00
$420.00 plus GST, shipping and handling for a limited time only!


To purchase this, or commission your own painting, please email me.


Donna MacDonald said...

Hi Sharon - your submission is elegant and beautiful! Well done! Love the texture and the simplicity of the single rose.

Sharon said...

Thanks Donna! Hope to see your submission soon.

Barb Kowalik said...

Love your submission Sharon! And I always loved the painting you've put on sale....I hope it goes to a good home.
May your New Year be filled with wonderful adventures and many successes!

Sharon said...

Thanks Barb, I hope it goes to a goo home too! Happy New Year to you also.