Monday, May 16, 2011

Collage Workshop photos by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Under The Sea", 12 x 12", mixed media

At my Sidney workshop last week, we spent 1 1/2 days dying and decorating fabulous papers beginning with inexpensive tissue paper. Then we did some starts (see below photo, which is a 'T' compostion) in some very simple compositional formats. This was one of the demos I did which began as 'bridge' compositional start, and then I began to play with it. The night before I had eaten at a great fish and chip shop. While I was waiting for my dinner, I began to sketch the angel fish from the fish tank that sat next to my table. So of course those fish ended up being fresh in my mind, and so I decided to take this painting in that direction. Can you see them? Ah, the joy of creative painting!

A 'T' compositional start. The key is to vary the sizes, shapes and colours of the tissues, applying the 'repetition with variation' principle. It is more important to design the negative (in this case white) spaces than it is with the positive shape, making sure the 3 pieces are varied in size and interesting in edge.

This is the workshop group (minus one lovely lady who had to leave early to get ready for a huge dinner party!) and me. I asked them to all hold onto their favorite painting of the week for you to ogle over. It was a fantastic workshop for all of us, and I am excited that I am repeating the workshop this coming spring for Leading Edge Art Workshops.
I will post a step by step demo tomorrow, so stay tuned.


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mary maxam said...

Wow- what an eye for color! This inspires me to paint in this particular triad-very beautiful!

Sharon said...

Why thank you so much Mary. This is a wonderful colour scheme and I use it alot -all kinds of variations are great on the yellow green and majenta, and if you add dioxazine violet you get a lovely triad with some powerful darks.