Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wonderful Oooze!

 "Cle Elum Autumn", watercolour and chalk pastel, 11 x 15"

This fall I was fortunate enough to be able to take a workshop from Catherine Gill and Bob Phiney just outside Seattle. We spent 2 days painting in watercolour en plein air, and on the last day, we got to play with chalk pastels with the watercolours, which is the sole reason I took the workshop! I found Cathe via her new book "Powerful Watercolor Landscapes" and her free workshop through the Artist's Magazine. You can watch her excellent presentation here.  EVERYONE should watch this webinar as it is a wonderfully presented talk on all things compostitional -and this applies not just to watercolours! In Cathe's book, there are many beautiful paintings that combine pastel with the wet watercolour, and they feel so neat that I just had to learn how she does it. The trick is to paint into the sopping wet watercolour with the chalk pastel, keeping the values the same but changing the colour, and the pastel just melts into the wash. You build the surface up in layers, because as soon as the paper dries, you have to wet it again in order to make the pastel work properly. This adds the dimension of opacity and PLAY to an otherwise transparent and somewhat fussy medium.
        I just got an email from Cathe saying she is doing an Ooze demo at the Seattle CoArts monthly meeting in Shoreline area of Seattle. If you live anywhere near there, I highly recommend taking it in.

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Wendy Mould said...

I love your colours and I really enjoyed watching Catherine video. She has a very good way of explaining things and lovely paintings as well.