Saturday, January 12, 2013

"Annie's Midnight Garden", plein air oil painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Annie's Midnight Garden", 9x12" plein air oil painting

As I am futzing in my studio right now so I thought I would post some work that I did last year and never posted. The one above is my second nocturne ever, and I did it late at night this summer in my friend Annie's garden (guess you could have figured out that by the title eh?). It was quite fun -Annie had lit a circle of candles for me to paint by, and while it was lovely and romantic, it really wasn't enough light to see what colours I was mixing. Soon out came an electric lamp on an extension chord and I was off to the races.


To purchase this painting, commission your own painting or contact me to do a workshop in your area, please email me at williamsdotsharonatshawdotca (insert characters for the dot and at!)
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