"September Marsh ii", acrylic landscape painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"September Marsh ii", acrylic painting on watercolour paper, 16 x 12"

I often take my plein air oil paintings and use them as a taking off point for acrylic or mixed media studio paintings. This painting was done in acrylic for my Mixed Media class as a demonstration of how acrylics can be used transparently, translucently and opaquely to underscore a theme. The transparent reflections in this painting 'feel' different than the more opaque marsh grasses and distant trees. You can see my original oil painting on this blog page -scroll down to the entry for September 16/09. This painting's structure and format is a little different from the original -and it is interesting to see it in a different medium.


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  1. My name is September dawn Marsh. I came across your painting after Googling my own name. It is a perfect representation of my own spirit. I thank you for your